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October 2019: this garden build nearly completed and looking good! The landscaping materials are working so well with the house :)

September 2019: (photo below) I have just revisited this multi level Woodland Garden, built on a serious slope, 2 years after completion. The planting has matured and the hard landscaping settled in. This garden has been through a major transformation!

September 2019: Site clearance starts on this new garden in Totnes. Very exciting!

July 2019: Photo (see below) update on the Contemporary Garden with a View, completed this time last year and now filling out beautifully. So pleased with how it has matured.

May 2019 this beautiful new wall looks like its been there for ever. Very talented stonemason!

April 2019: (photos below) construction begins on this Dartmoor Garden - the plan is to better unite the house with its garden and to make the most of the glorious views!


March 2019 planting plan ready!

December 2018 finishing the last details on this design plan